Easily Optimise and Compress Your Images for Web

Easily Optimize and Compress Your Images for Web
The ability to easily optimise and compress your images for web is vital to not only your websites performance but overall usability and in a small way, your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Finding your way

Not all content authors and Bloggers have a great understanding of what it takes to optimise your images for web. This is fare enough in my view. If you’re not from a designing background you may not necessarily know your way around applications such as Adobe Photoshop in enough detail to know the best way to save a web optimised image.

Compressor.io makes it easy

This week we stumbled upon an online tool called Compressor.io that goes a long way to making it easy without the need for expensive applications to be installed on your computer.

By simply dragging and dropping your image into your browser, Compressor.io takes care of compressing the original image without losing its original quality. You can then download the optimised image straight to your computer or save to Dropbox.

Take a look, visit Compressor.io

Trial and error

I should point out, it is worth experimenting with image types and file sizes as files that may already be optimised and reduced in size and quality can be diminished considerably further in quality by using such optimisation tools. The smaller the image file size is not always the best option if sacrificing quality.



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