7 Reasons To Start a Business Blog Today

by Mar 13, 2020Business Blogging

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Why it’s time to start a business blog

I’ll be straight with you.

It’s time to start a business blog. Because if you haven’t started one yet, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for growth.

It may be that you’ve heard this before. And probably agree that it’s true. But you’re still not certain that starting a blog is worth the effort.

Perhaps you need a bit more convincing before you can even entertain the idea?

So let’s talk about why you need one, how it will benefit your business, and why it’s time to start your business blog today.

Quote Its never too late to start a business blog

Reason # 1


Having a blog strengthens your business relationships

The blogging platform enables you to showcase your business personality through your writing and communication style.

By reading your posts and evaluating your service, prospects get to know you and connect with you as a person. Eventually deciding whether you’re the right fit.

By showing empathy with your readers and educating them on the issues and problems they’re facing— at the right time in their search for solutions— they begin to know you, like you and trust you. This is the foundation that strengthens a business relationship.

Of course, it takes time to build a relationship. But writing regular blog articles that address the needs of your clients, during their search for solutions will build the trust and knowledge they need to help make that decision.

Reason # 2


A business blog helps build your credibility as an expert

Think about how you choose to buy online.

Would you buy from someone you weren’t sure was the real deal?

Highly unlikely.

A business blog is the ideal way to show your readers that you know your stuff. In fact it’s the most effective way to educate, explain and share insights into your industry, your products and services.

By using a business blog to demonstrate how you can help prospects solve their challenges, or encourage them to look at their problems in a different way, you can establish credibility.

Furthermore, you can do this in whatever style you’re comfortable with.

Blogs come in many formats: essay style, case studies, personal stories, lists, step-by-step procedures and so on, and can include photos, video and infographics – anything that supports your information.

focus on starting a business blog for your readers

Reason # 3

Writing and researching info for your blog articles keeps you up-to-date in your industry

What better way to remain up-to-date in your industry than by conducting regular research?

When you write a blog based on a specific topic, it’s important to use up-to-date information such as statistics, facts and figures, so research would naturally be your first step.

Another bonus for conducting blog research is that you may come across a difference of opinion, new processes or procedures or even new tools on the market that you weren’t aware of.

Not only that, but blog research keeps you in touch with what your competition is up to.

PS you might come up with ideas and inspiration for future content or even a new product.

Reason # 4

A blog boosts SEO and acts as a gateway into your business

Google loves crawling for fresh content to deliver in their search results.

Every time you write a blog post, it’s one more website page indexed by search engines. Which means it’s an opportunity for you to show up in Google and drive traffic to your website.

In fact, the more blogs on your website, the more indexed pages and the more opportunity for people to find your products and services. 


The more often you blog, the more pages get indexed by Google. Which means that there’s more opportunity for people to find your products and services.

Reason # 5

A business blog drives traffic to your website and keeps it there

Your website shouldn’t just sit there looking pretty when it could act as a resource library for clients and others in your industry.

Let me explain.

Regular fresh content keeps people educated, engaged, entertained and informed. And you can encourage your readers to stay on your website for longer by writing a variety of blog posts that take readers deeper into their educational journey.

Then, use internal links (links that go from one blog post on a website to a different blog post on the same website), to help your readers move from one article to the next.

Which means that:

  • Your reader engages more deeply with your content, gaining further an understanding of how your business can help them, which builds their  trust and your credibility, and
  • This strengthens your website’s authority in the eyes of Google, which elevates your online ranking.

Reason # 6

Business blogs boost lead generation

 foHave you ever downloaded a free offer (known as a lead magnet) on a website?

You would have been directed to a form to fill out, which included your email address, before you were sent a link to download the free offer.

Blogs are one of the easiest ways to build your email list.

A strong way to boost lead generation is to direct readers to a Lead Magnet via a Call to Action (CTA), a link or ‘popup’ in your blog post, which then leads them to a landing page or a form on your website.

When readers find your special offer irresistible, they’re happy to exchange their email address to get it. And you now have a qualified prospect.

By maintaining an email relationship with that prospect and continuing to educate and engage them with more in-depth content, you can guide them through their journey from prospect to client.

Reason # 7


A business blog gives you a wealth of content for social media

Coming up with content for social media is another challenge for small business owners. As one myself, this is one of the major reasons why I love blogs.

One single blog post can be broken down into multiple pieces of content for posting on your social media.  Turn them into a slideshow, quotes, short videos, infographics and information snippets—just some of the formats that can easily be created from one single blog post.  Adding a link to each social media post also helps drive more traffic to the blog on your website.

Win Win!


One single blog post can be broken down into multiple pieces of content for posting on your social media.

So there you have it. 7 outstanding reasons to start a business blog today. I hope after reading this, that I’ve swayed your opinion on the benefits of blogging (if you were in any doubt). And that it’s reinforced your thinking of why you should start one. If you want to fast track your learning and master the art of business blogging, send me a message.


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