Hello you,

We’ll work together well if

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Who you are

You’re a solopreneur, independent practitioner, or a small business owner who sells services or delivers information that improves people’s lives. Ideally you are female and in your late 40s and beyond.

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What you're looking for

You may be looking for a little hand holding, guidance and marketing education along the way, and I’m happy to provide it. I realise that marketing can be overwhelming and that we’re all at different stages in our business journey.

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What you believe

You are open minded and willing to challenge yourself to dig deep into what makes you truly unique. You believe that authenticity is key in business. You know what’s right (or not) for you and are willing to speak up and say so.

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What drives you

You are driven by a purpose close to your heart as well as a desire to succeed in business. You realise that with consistency and time opportunities will open up for you. And right now you’re emotionally and financially committed to elevating your business and making things happen.

You (and possibly your team) and I will be working closely together in a series of collaborative sessions that ensures you are in control of the results.

The sessions will be interesting and fun, and there will be times you may feel out of your comfort zone. But know that I intend to guide you through the process with the aim of creating a genuine connection with you and your business.

I believe in keeping things real and focussing on what matters. I do that with the aim of passing on my marketing knowledge to empower women just like you and to help you grow.

Our work together will be an investment into the future of your business (and mine).

Sounds like we’ll work well together?