Business Brand Strategy

A Business Brand Strategy Helps You

Stand Out.  Differentiate.  Communicate Better.

Have Consistency across all your Client Touchpoints.

Gain Trust, Familiarity and Increased Sales.

Why Have a Brand?

Brand awareness is top of mind for most business owners.

But how can you get your business known and set apart from your competitors when you’re in a crowded marketplace?

The answer is by having a brand.

Most small businesses consider a brand to be a logo or a website, but it’s much more than that. A brand goes beyond your products and services to the heart and soul of your business — it’s who you are and why you exist. It’s what you stand for and how you make people feel.

Every time your prospective clients interact with your business, they form a perception of you. Branding gives you control to shape that perception and attract the right people.

A Business Brand is the platform from which all your marketing activities are built.

Heart & Soul Brand Strategy

A Business Brand is the Heart and Soul of your Business

My Heart & Soul Brand Strategy is a comprehensive, collaborative brand building workshop for start-ups and/or a new brand. Every aspect has been developed to help you understand and articulate who you are as a brand to attract your ideal audience and stand out for all the right reasons.

Stage 1 CORE

This foundation phase covers elements of your internal brand. Your purpose, impact, mission, vision, and core values form the basis of your brand foundation and set the stage upon which the rest of your brand can be built.


Your brand archetype* is your brand’s character or persona. It’s how we’ll make your brand appear more human, giving it depth and nuance and making it relatable to your target audience.

Personality is a critical component of branding because it’s the part of your brand that your customers relate to and build relationships with. A distinct brand personality makes you both recognisable and memorable and is one of the most essential factors to differentiate you from the competition.

Discover your brand archetype and start connecting with the right people.

*Archetypes are based on analytical psychologist Carl Jung’s research and are defined as images and themes derived from the collective unconscious. Jung believed that all humans have one dominant trait that leads to typical behavioural patterns, desires, values and motivations. And that we inherit these archetypes much in the way we inherit instinctive patterns of behaviour.


Your ideal customer archetype represents the person most likely to do business with you. Understanding their personality, values, desires and behaviours makes it easier for you to clearly identify them, communicate with them and understand what motivates their purchase behaviour. You can then create messages as well as desirable offerings to attract them. In this phase we’ll find out who they are.


In this phase we will be working on clarifying and defining your authentic brand voice and core messaging. Brand voice includes tone, communication style and expression. These, along with your brand promise give your communication character and connects with the right people, drawing them to you.


This final stage is where we’ll define your position in the marketplace, so your target audience sees you as their perfect solution. We’ll uncover who your closest competitors are and how you’re different from them. This differentiation gives you a competitive edge from which we can develop a powerful positioning statement.

Stage 6 CLIMAX

All of our work culminates into a 30-40 page brand strategy guide that defines your complete brand presence. This guide will be delivered to you at the end of the project in pdf form.

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