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You’ll find the most commonly asked questions here. If there’s anything you’d like to ask and the answer’s not on this page, please get in touch.

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What’s the difference between consulting and training?

While working together I will assume a dual role of consultant and trainer. My process incorporates consulting – advising you on the best approach for your business (in consultation with you) and training – teaching you the intricacies of the current best practice.

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Is there anything I need to have in place before the consulting sessions start?

Yes, the pre-requisites are:

  • A business website
  • An understanding of your target audience
  • An open mind and eagerness to learn
  • A business brand ‘style guide’

If you don’t have a documented brand then you will need to include these sessions in the workshop.

It’s important to have branding in place when commencing any marketing program – as consistency in voice, style, personality and visual presence helps establish recognition and trust in your audience.

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Why one-to-one blog training and not an online course?

In conversations with many business owners over the years, I’ve found that their needs differ. This depends mainly on their stage in their business journey and how they prefer to learn.

Most online courses have a one size fits all approach. They don’t understand your unique business and target audience or your preferred learning style, so they teach in a generic way and just scratch the surface.

One to one consulting allows you to ask questions, seek clarification and build a  strategy designed specifically to suit you, your business and attract your ideal clients.


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Can I share your consulting with a friend in a different business?

The Blog Like A Boss sessions can be shared as long as your businesses are both service-based. The session will cover the process of how to create a blog content strategy. And will include brainstorming exercises around content, planning and SEO as well as layout and design.

The business strategy sessions cannot be shared as these are tailor made to your unique requirements.

Can more than 1 person in my own business, attend?


Yes, for absolutely. All people involved in developing, creating and implementing a strategy or a blog for your business is welcome to attend. In fact, I encourage it.

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What if I can’t do the sessions as scheduled?


That’s ok. As long as the gap in between isn’t more than 10 days we can reschedule. Any longer than that may effect the learning process.

What happens after the sessions? Can I contact you with questions?


Absolutely. You will have a follow-up package included in the price of the consulting.

What’s involved in the follow-up sessions? 


One hour of one-to-one advice. You can ask me any related question.

Also included in Blog Like A Boss:  I will read your first two posts and give you feedback.

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I don’t have a blog set up on my website, can you help me do this?

If you have a WordPress website I can help you install a blog page. There will be an extra fee for this service.

Can you install the Yoast SEO plugin to my WordPress Website and teach me how to use it?


Certainly. There will be an extra fee for this service.

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