Online Marketing Strategy

Strengthen Your Online Presence


What is it and Who’s it for?

A marketing roadmap to strengthen your business online and help it grow.

Service-based business owners who are struggling to attract and connect with their ideal clients.


Biggest benefits of Bloggable’s Online Marketing Strategy

More clients.   Focus.   Know-how.


Does your Business Need an Online Marketing Strategy?

When it comes to online marketing, there’s no one size fits all approach. Every business is unique.

Like most small businesses you’ve tried marketing tactics such as posting on social media, writing the odd blog post or spent money on Facebook ads— only to see very little, if any, gain.

It’s now time to set your business up for success with a marketing strategy. A strategy lays the foundation for how your business will use marketing to achieve its goals. It determines where you want to be and how you’re going to get there. It’s your roadmap to success. Strategy should always come before tactics.

The strategy process identifies the gaps and challenges currently holding you back from achieving your marketing goals and recommends ways to overcome them.

The Building Blocks for Marketing Success

Bloggable’s Online Marketing Strategy is an holistic approach to marketing your unique business online. It ensures that all the building blocks are in place to maximise your success. Each of these components are covered in the strategy.


What’s Covered in a Bloggable Online Marketing Strategy?

The strategy process involves several consulting sessions. These cover the marketing foundations necessary to build awareness of your business and to drive traffic to your website.

After the consulting sessions are completed I will research and develop a marketing strategy for your unique business.

A document explaining how Bloggable's online marketing strategy works

How Does the Strategy Process Work?

The process starts will a 30-minute consultation to discuss your requirements.

After the consultation we’ll schedule a Business Spotlight session to discuss your business, your goals and objectives, target market, products and services, client journey, problems and challenges etc.

We’ll also explore each of the components you need to strengthen your online presence as outlined in the Business Online Strategy Alignment.

Bloggable Business Online Strategy Alignment

Because your business is unique, you need an approach that uses judgement, experience and opinion to uncover the most appropriate and most effective online marketing approach for you and your business.  A Bloggable Online Marketing Strategy will reveal that.

Over sessions that focus on ease, productivity and best practice, I bring into focus the foundational elements that will:

  • boost your brand
  • strengthen your presence online
  • attract and engage your ideal clients
  • determine the best approach for your business
  • give you the confidence to manage your online marketing

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