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Online Strategy

Your Roadmap to Success

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What is it and Who’s it for?

A strategy is what you use to get your target market to know you, like you and trust you enough to become a customer. It’s the big picture plan – your blueprint for success.

For business owners who need to position their services as the solution of choice in the minds of their ideal clients but are not sure where to start.

Biggest Benefits of Bloggable’s Online Marketing Strategy

More clients.   Clarity.   Confidence.   Know-how.

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Does your business need a strategy?

Like most small businesses, you’ve tried several  marketing tactics.

You’ve been posting on social media, writing the odd blog post or throwing money at Facebook ads. But you’ve seen very little, if any, return.

The fact is that despite all the effort, random acts of marketing like these rarely, if ever, work.

Whereas what does work, particularly when starting a new business venture, is having a strategy.

One that’s built on a solid foundation.

One that outlines how you can use online marketing to help you achieve your business goals.

Building Blocks of a Successful Brand Marketing Strategy


Bloggable’s Online Marketing Strategy is an holistic approach to marketing your business online. It ensures that all the building blocks are in place to maximise your success. Each of these components are covered in the strategy.


A Marketing Strategy is your roadmap to success

Today’s small business owner understands that a marketing strategy is vital for business growth. Still, many of them consider it a complex and laborious process, so they hesitate to do one.

For this reason, I’ve taken the marketing strategy process and broken it down into simple, practical and valuable steps that you can immediately implement into your business.

And best of all, you have 100% input.

Through a series of 1 to 1 consulting workshops, I’ll guide you through creating your strategy so you’ll reap the massive benefits of having clarity and control around your marketing.

And whether you choose to DIY or outsource the recommended tactics, you’ll have the focus, clarity and confidence to control what you’re doing and where you’re going.

The strategy process identifies the gaps and challenges currently holding you back from achieving your marketing goals and recommends ways to overcome them.

Online Strategy Alignment

How Does the Strategy Process Work?

The process starts with a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your requirements.

After the consultation we’ll schedule a  Spotlight session to discuss your business, your goals and objectives and so on.

Because your business is unique, you need an approach that uses judgement, experience and opinion to uncover the most appropriate and most effective online marketing approach for you and your business.

A Bloggable Online Marketing Strategy will reveal that.